Monday, 15 July 2013

Alaska ........ part 4

Denali National Park

I spent a half day in Denali National Park and I have to say I don't think I have seen any other place in this world that is so beautiful. I've seen mountains and valleys and summer and winter in different parts of the world, but Denali in summer is like someone placing a road in the middle of a coffee table book. Every vista looked like it was straight out of a book or a movie ........

Anyway, my first port of call was to the information center to get the 'lay of the land' and figure out how to go hiking here on my own without being eaten by a bear or run at by a moose. You may be laughing, but I was traveling on my own and all the signs said do not hike alone. I ended up joining a ranger led hike to the oxbow lake, which was a large group and while a bit slower than my slowest hike speed, with lots of stops along the way, it got me out and on a hike and I felt comfortable enough to leave them and take an alternate route on the way back - on my own and humming all the way 😊

I have put in a page break so all these photos don't download at the same time and it makes it easier for you to read - just click on the link here to see photos and read the rest of the post.

Here are some pics from my hike - just gorgeous scenery all round!

Mr Red Squirrel said stay away from his food! 😏

This is the expensive accommodation overlooking the park!

The train arrived as I finished my hike.
After I had walked around, I wanted to see what else the park had to offer so I chose to drive into the park. Private vehicles can only drive in ___ miles before they have to turn back. The only way to go further into the park, and even to the end of the road, is with the park shuttles or a tour. However, I was content to just cruise along myself and get a glimpse from my car so off I went....... and what views I saw! 👀

I know I have posted a lot of photos here, but truly it is a wonderful and beautiful place to see. The only way I can describe what it looks like is to show you with my photos! 😊

From Denali I continued up the Parks highway to Fairbanks, again hitting rain showers and cloudy skies. But I arrived safely and tucked myself in for the afternoon with a Starbucks and a large container of fruit from the Safeway salad bar - something I had been craving! (They had serve yourself salad bars in Safeway, but they also included fruit like melons, grapes, berries, pineapple, etc. It was awesome for this Aussie who had not had fruit in a few days!)

Still to come:
* Gold fever in Fairbanks
* An ice castle in summer
* Santa's house

Keep smiling,
Candice 🙆

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