Tuesday, 4 December 2012

25 days and counting...........

Yikes! I have hit less than a month til I leave. Its all starting to get very real now! I have started packing up my 'extra' stuff at school and in my place to leave room for my exchange partner next year. Thank goodness I am not much of a hoarder!!

My students and I were talking Christmas on Monday and one of my girls asked me about making xmas cards. I told her we would look at that next week - Christmas activities mean the time to leave is almost here! While I am completely looking forward to my wonderful opportunity and the adventures I will have next year, I am not quite ready to say goodbye to my students, colleagues, friends and family. Not just yet anyway. Give me a few more days - there is a whole lot to get through in the next 25 before farewells are begun!!

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