Monday, 24 December 2012

4 days to go..........Merry Christmas!!

Well the time has come - Christmas time that is!! Spending the last two days cooking, visiting and catching up with family and friends has been wonderful.

The last week has been very very busy as I packed up at school and my house to get ready for the exchange. Saturday afternoon I headed north to NSW for Christmas with my family, spending the afternoon singing along with the iPod and negotiating holiday traffic. I delivered my sister's car back to her (she was very happy!) and unloaded my tubs and clothes across two bedrooms!! I've spent the last two days sorting and figuring out what I want to take with me and storing the others. Fingers crossed that I can fit all I want to take into the two suitcases I am taking on the plane with me!!

At this time I want to say, on this blog, a special thank you and Merry Christmas to my Year 5 students. They were a fantastic bunch of learners and we had so much fun during this year. They have also been very understanding about my distracted brain at times last term and have been so excited for me - as well as figuring out how we can stay in touch next year! Thank you guys for your hard work and wonderful support of each other as learners and me as your teacher. You all rock!!

Another special thanks to my colleagues without who I would not have had the courage or belief in myself to apply and go through with this ITF exchange. They have guided me and taught me a lot over the last six and a half years, helping me go from a beginning teacher to who I am today. Thank you guys for supporting me and allowing me to try new things, even if you weren't too sure yourselves!! I confident in being able to succeed next year because of your support.

Finally, a massive Merry Christmas to my family, friends and everyone else who is reading this blog! Tonight Santa comes visiting and I hope he leaves you with something special. Have a wonderful Christmas day and holiday season however you are spending it!

Merry Christmas and best wishes to all!!

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