Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Experiencing snowshoeing........

Hello all! I hope this finds everyone in Australia underneath the air conditioner or finding some way to relieve the heat! Hopefully everyone is safe and sound from the bushfires as well.

Snowshoeing Novice No More!

One of the lakes we walked around
On Sunday (Jan 20th) Janel and I headed up to Mesa Lakes area, which is near the Powderhorn ski fields. Janel took me out for my first attempt at snowshoeing - and I have to say I loved it! It was so quiet that all you could hear was your breath and the crunch of the snow under your shoes.

Standing in the middle of new snow

Its easier if you keep moving in deep snow though!
The snowshoes helped me walk through the snow easier and I even got up a jog at one point! It was so beautiful just walking around snow and ice covered lakes on trails that passed under bare aspen trees, past snow covered boulders and over little brooks that were still running. A few people prior to us had walked across a few of the lakes, but we did not attempt that! We took the scenic route and enjoyed the quiet, windless walk. Suprisingly, it was warmer at the top of the mountain than it was in Palisade - again, due to the inversion.

In the far left upper corner you can see a bit of a haze
behind the mountains - this is the inversion holding
in all the pollution as well as the cold air!!

 Driving in the USA!

I am finding my independence more and more here in the States. Those that know me know I enjoy having space and time to 'do my own thing' every now and then. This is particularly helped with being able to explore little things on my own if I choose. It has been wonderful having the fantastic friends I have made here drive me around as I needed, but I am pleased to say I have gained a bit of independence again by finding a car to buy. I won't be knocking back car pools or rides to difference places, but it makes it easier if I need milk or to grab something quickly if I can jump into a car and drive myself! So I have bought myself a very neat and tidy 1997 Honda Accord. Hondas are apparently very popular here in the States and are regarded very well in terms of safety and maintenance. Now all I have to do is get a Colorado license - you can only hold insurance in Colorado if you have a state license. That's my next job!

Driving on my own here is another story! It took all my concentration at corners to get right in my head which side of the road I will end up on to start with. There were a few turns I had to correct myself on, but they were very quiet roads with no one around! I concentrate very hard to make sure I am driving safely and correctly on the roads here and I have tried to drive a little bit every day since I bought my car late last week. It is getting easier, particularly the route to school (very straight and only two turns)! I am going to begin venturing out of the Palisade / Grand Junction area in the next month so I look forward to exploring with a high level of concentration while driving!!

Plans Coming Up.....
Over the next few weeks:

* I am heading to Denver for my ITF Orientation session - CITEL is also throwing an Australia Day party so I look forward to celebrating in some way (though it won't be around a BBQ or pool I'm sure - too cold!)

* I will be exploring the local area and getting into some shops to see what shopping here is like!

* I am going to treat the staff at Nisley to an Australia Day feast - pavlova, lamingtons, tim tams, scones, Anzac biscuits.......... who knows what they will get as I have only ever cooked ONE of these items - the Anzacs!! (Don't worry, I've saved some Tim Tams from my travels, I am not attempting to make these!) The students will be getting Caramello Koalas and Milo drinks.

Stay tuned to how it all goes.........particularly my cooking experience!!

Catchya all later!


  1. The snow! What a difference to here. 36 degrees celsius tomorrow. Fire warning day. Theresa arrived yesterday and Dave giving her a tour of the school today. The kids will love the Caramellos!!
    Happy Australia day. Love Brenda

  2. Hi Candice,
    I love hearing about life in such a completely different environment and the info regarding the school day is interesting to say the least! I look forward to your insights as you really settle in and become part of the furnitiure so to speak!
    Well done on preparing the Oz Day feast - pavlova no less! You have certainly set the bar high. Your mum will be proud!