Wednesday, 2 January 2013

First few days........

I have been greeted with open arms by Theresa's friends and the past exchangees of the ITF program here over the last two days. I have been welcomed and drive around and have seen and experienced lots of different things.

* Driving (being a passenger) on the 'wrong' side of the road is very weird!!
* Snow is pretty when it is fresh and slippery when it is not (it turns icy!!)
* Snow weather is COLD weather!! It is about -16 degrees celcius here tonight as I am writing this.
* Apparently I have an accent (although it's not as strong as others in movies according to some 14 year old boys today!)
* Mobile phones are expensive here - our prepaid plans are so much better.
* Home internet is cheaper here - and all wireless.
* All TV costs - if you want to watch TV you need to pay for cable, where there are different packages similar to our Austar / Foxtel.
* Soup and/or salad come with most meals you eat out at restaurants.......and meal portions are HUGE! Also, places will send out chips (as in kettle potato chips) with rolls and sandwiches whereas we send out chips (as in fries).
* You can turn right in a car on a red light at an intersection.
* I have also tasted elk meat (in lasagne) and had blueberry cobbler (which is like a pie but it is all mixed together and cooked). Both were very nice!!
* There are various streets here around Palisade and Grand Junction that are numbered in weird numbers and fractions ~ such as 28 3/4 Road. This means that the street is 28 3/4 miles from the Utah border!

This area is beautiful. Palisade and Grand Junction sit in a valley surrounded by high red rock mountains. I went out this morning (it was about -7 degrees celcius) and went for a walk down the street to take some pictures of the beautiful surrounds. I have included a few below but will start a photo page as well :-) You should be able to find it as it will be at the top right of the home page labelled 'Palisade / Grand Junction photos'.

My house for the next 12 months and the mountains behind.
Look at the snow!!

Walking down the street there was a gap between houses
and this was the view. Magnificent!

Happy New Year to everyone!
Keep smiling!


  1. Hi Candice - Thanks for the tip - hope this works! Sounds like you are in a beautiful place - the scenery looks amazing! Hard to imagine the cold - we are supposed to be getting 39 degrees tomorrow! Food sounds interesting, but I guess that means the diet will be out the window for the next 12 months!Well, who diets while on an adventure anyway!!! Love, Judy

  2. It's fascinating to read the differences you encounter! I'm really intrigued by it.