Friday, 5 October 2012

Three months countdown.....

Well, we are at roughly the three month countdown mark and it is really starting to happen. Why does it seem like this today? Two reasons really - I sold my car AND purchased my ticket!

Saying goodbye to my car was a bit sad :-(  I've had my Astra for the past four years and she has served me extremely well over long drives between here and NSW and all over the state of Victoria. It was a bit weird seeing her drive off without me this afternoon, but I'm sure she will be a wonderful car for her buyers. However, this also leaves me carless for the next three months! Luckily I live within walking distance of school, the supermarket and the main street. The only thing is I now have my fingers crossed for continuous nice weather as we head into October - which if you know this area is unlikely! (I'm sure we will have enough - like most teachers during Term 4 I'll be at school for most of the time five days each week anyway!)

And yes, you did catch the mention earlier - my ticket is purchased and I am officially leaving the country on Dec 29th!! (barring any unforseen events of course)

Three months to go...............

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