Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Sydney travels and letters overseas........

This weekend saw me in Sydney with my sister for the International Netball Quad Series Test. It was an awesome game and it was fantastic watching Australia beat NZ by 20 points - highest final score margin in a number of years - and seeing the magic that is the Diamonds on fire!

Our magic tickets - mine, my sister and cousin-in-law-to-be!
Largest crowd in netball history at Allphones Arena -
super loud with a great atmosphere!

It was also a mini farewell as I stayed with my Aunt and Uncle and realised I wouldn't see them before I flew out. Bit of a shock realising that - makes it more real!! Not too sure I need to say (meaning want to) anymore farewells until December now.........

On the home front, my class are writing letters to my 'new' class in Colorado at the moment - I had forgotten how exciting it can be to get snail mail!! We are about to send our second letters to the States and plan on a few more exchanges before school ends. Hopefully we can continue this next year in some form - I'll have to speak to their teacher! ;-P

I'm still excited, still pumped, still looking forward to the adventure with all my energy.........just a little bit nervous as I start finalising details!

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