Thursday, 15 November 2012

6 weeks and counting.........

So I am off on the adventure of a lifetime in 6 weeks - teaching in Colorado, USA for 12 months on an International Exchange Fellowship. I am very very excited (and just a tiny bit nervous)!

I have created this blog so anyone who is interested - students, parents, staff, friends, relatives - to keep up to date on my exciting and wonderful adventure next year!

This blog will be filled with not only teaching anecdotes and things that happen in Colorado but also travels and adventures I take during 2013. It will be a mix of school life, home life and life on the road...........!

So a huge WELCOME to you all! Welcome to the start of my journey. Welcome to the teachings and travels I will experience ....... feel free to drop in from time to time or follow every post religiously. Feel free to read but also feel free to leave a comment. I can't promise a post every day but I will promise a post at least once a fortnight - more often when there are exciting events to share!

The countdown is on!!!


  1. I will miss you alot when you leave!!

  2. Wow not much time left until you leave i'm going to miss you!!!

  3. Good luck teaching next year Miss Huntly. I will miss you!!!