Thursday, 22 November 2012

Microsoft in Perth.........

Hi all! I am currently in beautiful, sunny and warm Western Australia for the third Microsoft Partners in Learning Conference. I flew from Melbourne on Tuesday at 9am and arrived (after a four hour flight) at 10am. Work that one out kids! :-)

My school has been part of this Microsoft PiL project all year, looking at 21st Century Learning Capabilities and how we can build these skills in our students to assist them in becoming successful learners and members of our wider community. In particular, we have looked at how we can develop student independence, self monitoring, self regulation and overall engagement. We also looked at how we could utilise our school's 1-to-1 netbook program more effectively for student learning.

Overall, we are extremely proud of what we have done this year and how our students have responded to our change in teaching and learning. Today we presented our journey to the conference and recieved positive responses from other school teams - so a large thank you to all the Year 5 students for your part in this major and exciting project we have all been a part of this year. We look forward to continuing our journey in the years to come.

I have had time to take a few snaps of what I have seen:
A very strange statue outside a building
in the city - paper airplane made of metal!!

Bell Tower in Perth

View from Cottesloe Beach where we had dinner Thursday night

Tomorrow morning I fly back to Melbourne to attend the Education Department Farewell Function for my International Exchange next year.

Will post more soon! :-)

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