Friday, 7 June 2013

Baseball and Concerts...........

Ashlee and I took off for Denver in our 'hire' car on Sunday morning. When we collected our car from Grand Junction we had a choice of a Prius, a F150 or a Suburban. Needless to say, we chose the Prius - not needing a giant machine of a vehicle! :-) The Prius was fun to drive with its electric systems, new automatic stick design and the push button park and start - much different from my current Holden I'm driving!!

Our first stop in Denver was Coors Field for a baseball game. The game was between home team Colorado Rockies and the LA Dodgers. It was a gorgeous blue sky day that became quite hot in the afternoon - Ash and I were sitting at the front of the first tier in direct sun! However, I bought a cap as a memento which helped a lot. We stayed for about 4-5 innings and then headed back to the hotel. (The Rockies ended up winning 9-2 and won the series of three games).

Coors Field, Denver

Our view from our seats

Wearing my new Rockies cap

Pitcher winding up for the throw

We left the game early as we had plans for the evening - we had tickets to Taylor Swift's RED Tour! This concert was great - not only was Ed Sheeran the opening act, the very first opener was a new up and coming country singer songwriter who was amazing. Three great singers for the one price - fantastic night all round! And our seats were great as well - halfway up the first tier just to stage right.

The very first opener - very catchy country tunes!

Ed was onstage for 40 minutes entertaining us
with his guitar, looping machine and amazing vocals.

Panoramic view during Ed Sheeran's performance

The main event......... Taylor Swift!
2 hours of singing and theatrical performances!

Taylor and her band

Duet with Ed Sheeran

'Never getting back together' Finale

Our day of baseball and concerts meant the beginning of our big road trip - the following morning we flew from Denver to Orlando to start our East Coast travels. More on that to come!

Keep smiling,
Candice :-)

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  1. Holidays are sounding fabulous much already. Today was our first day of holidays...went white water rafting at Royal Gorge...looking forward to heading off on our driving trip on Monday. Enjoy your break. Jennifer