Sunday, 9 June 2013

East Coast Road Trip begins......

On the road......

Our Nissan Sentra - the vehicle taking us on our travels.......

Orlando, Florida

Ashlee and I spent our first full day on the East Coast at the Kennedy Space Centre. We drove for an hour from Orlando to the coast towards Cape Canaveral. It is located on a spit of land which is accessed across a bridge - we had to wait for the bridge to be raised and lowered for a sailboat to cross underneath.

The Space Centre is as amazing as I remember from my initial visit 8 years ago. There is so much to see, do and learn about - and the history is shared at such an interesting level that you just want to keep reading or listening or watching!

We spent about 3 hours or so there before the dark clouds rolled in and large droplets of water began to fall from the sky. As we were leaving, the torrential rain was pounding the road and made me really aware of the 'beware: hydroplane' signs along the side of the road! We again had to wait on the bridge to the mainland and I spent the four or so minutes watching a seagull as it seemed frozen in the air above the cars - it was gliding on the wind but the wind was so fast the bird was not moving at all! In fact, it was pushed back at times and our car was rocked slightly from large wind bursts across the water. Ashlee and I stopped just a few minutes down the road at the Astronauts Hall of Fame museum as we had the time - and it also gave us somewhere to wait out the tropical rain!!

Ashlee on the walkway.....

The Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB)

Heart rate monitors on screen in the control room

All systems go for Saturn Rocket V launch!

An actual Saturn V Rocket - enormously HUGE!!

The size of this rocket in comparison to other items.......

Jim Lovell's space flight suit

Hello Mr Spaceman!

The rain clouds move in..........

As an astronaut - I'm getting to do heaps of
new things in America this year!!

Entrance to Hall of Fame........

The rain that rolled in that afternoon was the prelude to Tropical Storm Andrea - the first tropical storm of the season. Ash and I got ahead of it the next day as we drove north to Savannah but it caught up to us and halted our travel plans slightly - more on that later!

Keep smiling,
Candice :-)

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