Thursday, 27 June 2013

The long haul north.........

New Haven, Connecticut

Leaving Washington we planned to bypass New York and head towards Boston. However, we were not planning to get there in one day so we had to make plans for an overnight stay. We decided on New Haven and headed off by 9am. It was about a 6 hour drive according to Bing and iMaps, but on the day it turned out to be about a 9 hour drive! There was a pretty good reason for that - even though we were on interstate and parkway highways the whole way, once we got up around New York we came across Friday afternoon traffic!! Thankfully we were never were at a complete standstill for very long - a slow crawl was our slowest - but we hit around Newark airport area about 3pm and from there we got early weekend travellers off for their summer weekend getaways (and some commuters I'm sure!)

I am very thankful that we did not even attempt to use our car in New York City though - the little drive through we did around the city to bypass was slightly interesting and caused a few moments of intense concentration from me as I tried to get to where I needed to go and avoid making contact with other drivers! However we made it to New Haven safely and after a quick dinner at Chili's we turned in - just a tad tired after our big day of travelling!

The next morning we had a nice wander around the downtown area of New Haven - which if you did not know is the home of Ivy League college Yale University. We took a few pictures, but mostly just walked around in awe of the age and grandeur of the buildings. It would be pretty awesome in my opinion to live and study in these buildings! The town itself is fairly small and has a nice feel to it as well. It is not a large city - did not even feel as large as Bendigo or Wagga as we walked around.

More to come.......

Keep smiling,
Candice :-)

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