Thursday, 27 June 2013

The home of 'Make Way For Ducklings'..........

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston was a great to city to visit. We stayed out of downtown, but we could catch the hotel shuttle to the 'The T' metro and ride into downtown in 15 mins. In the few days we were there we took it nice and easy - wandering through the Boston Common and Public Gardens, walking down Newbury Street (which is the Boston equivalent of 5th Ave and Chadstone Shopping Centre shops), checking out the Prudential Centre Mall, Boston Public Library and Copley Square to name a few places. We also took another Trolley tour of the city (as we did in Savannah) and heard a lot about the history of the city which I obviously didn't know much about!

The Public Garden, established in 1837, is the first public botanical garden in the United States.
It has swan boats that circle the lake in the middle of the pond, going under the suspension bridge
 crossing the lake. Robert Paget began the swan boat tradition in the 1870s
and his descendants still continue to operate the business today!
This park also has statues of ducklings in honour of the book 'Make Way for Ducklings' which is set in Boston.

In 1634 Boston Common was created as America’s first public park.
It is the oldest city park in the USA, consisting of 50 acres of land
bounded by city streets on all four sides.
Boston Public Library - I love how public library buildings in
historical US cities are so impressive.

Trinity Church - this church sits on the edge of Copley Square.

Copley Square is named for John Copley - here is his statue in the square.
The Bruins were in the Stanley Cup Finals during our visit and so
John had been decorated to show his support.
** In the Public Gardens, the 'Make Way' ducklings were also jerseyed up! :-)

Copley Square is the place where the memorial for the Boston
Marathon bombings has been located.

Probably at least a thousand pairs of shoes as well as thousands of
messages. Next year the marathon will be massive in memory of this event.

State Capitol Building of Massachusetts

John Hancock Building - the architects of the 60 storey building
made sure that at no time during the day does the sun reflect
off the glass windows into the Trinity Church next to it.
It is the tallest building in Boston.

Site of the Boston Massacre where a handful of British
soldiers fired into a shouting crowd of Bostonians, killing 5 people.
This spot is marked by a circle of paving stones seen just on the left of the photo.
Also occurring here on July 18, 1776, the citizens of Boston first heard the words of the
Declaration of Independence, read from atop this balcony.

Quincy Market was first built in the 1880s as an addition to
the already established marketplace of Faneuil Hall.

City street views........

City street views........

City street views........

City street views........

I thought this was a really cool looking spiral fire escape......

And of course - Boston is the 'location' of the TV show "Cheers". There are two such bars in Boston - the original location that they shot outside of for the show (that looks nothing like the TV show inside) and the second location near Quincy's Market (seen below) which has pieces from the Hollywood set.

More soon...... next up - New York City!!

Keep smiling,
Candice :-)

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